5 Best Halal Ways to Make Money Online


Do you want some Halal Ways to Make Money Online? If you want to start an ethical, profitable and Islamic compliant online business? if so, then you are in the right place. In this blog post, I will introduce you 5 best halal ways to make money online in which one can earn money online without interest or gambling. These are some of the best business ideas with no investment and skills that you can start up from zero to become entirely halal integrated. I am also working on these skills and earn money.

Table of Contents about Halal Ways to Make Money Online

1. Online Course

1,1 Introduction of Online Course

Online course is a digital product that educates an audience about one or more skills. You can develop and sell your own online training on any subject that you master or have this passion for like Quran, Arabic, Islamic studies cooking, fitness, etc. you can also earn money by joining this Platfoam SDAT mastering quality assurance 

1.2 Why is it halal?

An online course is a halal method of making money from home because you are sold valuable knowledge and education to your customers. You are not collecting interest or speculating for gambling purposes. You are also operating your business in accordance with the Islamic values of integrity, openness and quality.

1.3 What are the benefits?

  • I can share my knowledge, help others and earn money passively.
  • You can connect to millions of students worldwide who are interested in your subject.
  • You can invent your course once and promote it as many times you like without paying extra fees or working hard to do so.
  • You can define your own price and timing for your course.

1.4 What skills do you need?

  • You have to be knowledgeable or you should like that subject which you want to teach.
  • You should know the basics of creating and editing videos, audios, slides etc.
  • To promote your course and have customers, you must be equipped with some marketing skills.

1.5 How can you do it?

  • You can have your course hosted on platforms such as Udemy or Teachable, Skillshare etc and market it to millions of students globally. These platforms will take care of all the technicalities, payment processing and support for your customers. They will also charge you an amount taken from your sales as their fee.
  • You can also build your own site and marketplace for selling the course directly to an audience. This is the way you get more control and flexibility about your course content, pricing as well as branding. You will also retain 100% of your earnings. However, you will have to spend more time and cash establishing your site.
5 Best Halal Ways to Make Money Online

2. Affiliate Marketing

2.1 Introduction of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online business through which you promote the products or services of other people and earn a commission for each sale that stems from your promotion. You don’t have to be inventing, own a product or service. Find a product or service that fits within your niche and with your audience, recommend it to them. you can convert video by using youtube to mp3 converter.  

2.2 Why is it halal?

Affiliate marketing is a lawful means of making money on the Internet, as you do not sell anything “haram” or unethical in it. You are only making recommendations of products or services that help your clients out. You are also not charging interest or indulging in gambling. You are also conducting your business based on Islamic values of truthfulness, openness and quality.

2.3 What are the benefits?

  • You do not necessarily need to create or own any productservice yourself. All you need to do is search for existing products or services that are proven and already popular.
  • You don’t have to handle any inventory, shipping , customer service or refunds. All these things will be taken care by the product owner or service provider.
  • You can earn a residual income by promoting products or services that have recurring commissions or lifetime value.

2.4 What skills do you need?

  • You should have basic research skills to search possible and appropriate products or services that suit both your niche and the audience.
  • You must possess some marketing abilities to advertise these products or services on your website, blog, social media, email list and so forth.
  • To track and optimize your performance and conversions, you need to have some analytical skills.

2.5How can you do it?

  • So, you can participate in the affiliate programs of well-known companies offering halal products or services like Amazon, eBay etc and they will provide with a unique links that track your referrals as well us sales. They will also compensate you for the percentage of sales that your referrals generate.
  • There are also specialist affiliate programs dedicated to Muslim audiences, such as Islamic clothing, books , art and more. These have greater commissions or offer products services relevant to your niche market.

3. E-commerce

3.1 Introduction of E-commerce

E-commerce is a business conducted on the internet where physical or digital products are sold. You can create your own online store using platforms like Shopify, Woo Commerce or Big commerce and sell yours products or drop ship the product from other suppliers. You can also sell on marketplaces like Etsy, eBay or Amazon and get to customers beyond your local area.

3.2 Why is it halal?

Ecommerce is a halal way of making money online since you are selling products that are halal and good for your customers. You are not charging interest or indulging in gambling. You are also practicing the Islamic values of integrity, accountability and quality in your business.

3.3 What are the benefits?

  • You can present your creativity, market out products that are unique to you, build the identity of yours.
  • This allows you to be able to reach and serve customers worldwide who are interested in your products.
  • It is easy to grow your business by introducing more products, suppliers or channels.

3.4 What skills do you need?

  • Creating or getting your merchandise involves having some skills on product development to make them attractive and beneficial for your clientele.
  • To make your online store or tailor the design to suit you, it is necessary for you to possess some rudiments of designing.
  • You will need a little advertising ability to publicize your products and attract attention of customers for visiting the store.

3.5 How can you do it?

  • You can have your own online store by using platforms such as Shopify, Woo Commerce or Big commerce. Such platforms will give you all necessary tools for opening and managing your store – hosting, domain name, templates etc. There will be some sort of monthly fee or a percentage taken from the sales as commission.
  • You can also sell on marketplaces such as Etsy, eBay or Amazon. Listing your products on these marketplaces will enable you to sell them when millions of customers are already making purchases in the same platforms. They will also do the payment processing as well as customer service for you. They will also charge a listing fee or take percent of your sales in prices.

4. Blogging

4.1 Introduction of Blogging

I am also a blogger. Blogging is an online business, in which you create and publish content about a certain theme or niche. You can start a blog on any subject matter that you are passionate about or expert in, say Islam, travel , lifestyle etc and get it up almost free of charge by using platforms such as WordPress Blogger et cetera OR Medium .these 5 AI tools you must be try in blogging.

4.2 Why is it halal?

Since you will be creating halal and beneficial content for your readers, blogging can also considered as a Muslim business to make money online. you haven’t introduced interest or else gambling. You are also operating your business based on Islamic concepts of integrity, openness and excellence.

4.3 What are the benefits?

  • You can tell the world what you know, think or feel and about stories that have happened to you.
  • You can develop an audience, authority and trust in your subject.
  • You are able to monetize your blog by having ads placed, selling sponsored posts, providing consulting services or developing digital products and so on.

4.4 What skills do you need?

  • To run a flashy and informative blog, you need to have some writing skills.
  • To optimize such content and rank high on search engines, you need to possess some SEO skills.
  • You should be equipped with some social media skills for the purpose of promoting your content and directing traffic to your blog.

4.5 How can you do it?

  • You may create and host your blog using free or low cost platforms like WordPress, Blogger, or Medium. 8These platforms will give you everything to start and run your blog from hosting, domain names, templates, plugins until the visitor statistics. They also charge a percentage of what their users are making as fees for these services.
  • You can also have your website and host the blog yourself. Through this, you will have greater control over your blog contents and designs as well making it more convenient to monetize on the platform. However, you will have to spend more time and money in establishing your website.

5. Virtual Assistant

5.1 Introduction of virtual assistance

Virtual assistance is a service you can be providing to others who need help with their work. You can do many things as a virtual assistant, such as:

  • Answering emails and phone calls
  • Scheduling meetings and appointments
  • Booking travel and accommodation
  • Managing social media accounts
  • Writing blog posts or articles
  • Creating graphics or videos
  • Doing research or data entry
  • And more!

5.2 Why is virtual assistance halal?

Virtual assistance is Halal because you are not acting upon something Haram in Islam. You are putting your skills and talents to good use in helping others legally. You are also making money that is halal and not on interest, gambling or cheating. Or, you can pick clients and projects that align with your values or beliefs.

5.3 What are the benefits of virtual assistance?

You and your clients will benefit in so many ways from virtual assistance. Some of them are:

  • You’re able to work wherever and whenever. You don’t have to go somewhere or observe a specific time schedule. You can also lead a better balanced life between work and your personal area.
  • You can save money and time. You don’t have to spend on office space, equipment or transportation. You can also avoid traffic jams, bad weather and other inconveniences.
  • You can learn new things, and your career will thrive as well. You can perform various projects and tasks that motivate you to enhance your skills. You can also make contacts with other professionals and get new job opportunities.
  • You can earn more money and be less restrictive. You can determine your own rates and discuss with your clients. Or, you can decide how many jobs and when to take a rest.

5.4What skills do you need for virtual assistance?

Some of them are:

  • Communication skills: You should communicate openly and politely to your customers, other people. You should write good emails, messages and reports. You are also able to talk on the phone or video calls well.
  • Organizational skills: You should plan your time, tasks and files properly. You have to plan your tasks, rank within the deadlines and follow guidelines. You also need to document your expenses, invoices and payments.
  • Technical skills: You should also know how to use different software, tools and platforms helpful for your job. You should also be good in word processing, spreadsheet programs, presentation tools and email software “You must know all these applications”
  • Problem-solving skills: You should be able to handle different situations and challenges that were likely being thrown your way at work. You should be flexible, creative and multi-functional. You should also be able to learn, research and change your strategy quickly.

5.5 How can you do virtual assistance?

If you want to start working as a virtual assistant, here are some steps that you can follow:

  • Identify the services you want to offer and what niche specialty you are interested in.
  • Make a portfolio or resume emphasizing the jobs that you’ve done. You should also include snippets of your previous jobs, statements from clients you served before or did a good job for them and certificates that prove projects in the past were successful.
  • Set up your online presence and profile. Create a website, blog or social media account that displays your services, rates, contact details and personality. Make sure that your online presence is professional, attractive and easy to find.
  • Find clients and projects that match your skills and interests. You can use different methods such as networking, referrals, online platforms, job boards, directories or cold emailing. Be proactive, confident and courteous when reaching out to potential clients.
  • Deliver high-quality work and build long-term relationships with your clients. Follow the agreed terms and expectations of each project. Communicate regularly and update your clients on the progress of your work. Ask for feedback and reviews from your clients. Be honest, reliable and respectful at all times.

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